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Your Questions Answered

Can I request a home visit appointment?

Yes, you can request a home a visit appointment by booking directly on the booking section or contact us directly finding our details on our contact page. 

What is a sub-prime mortgage?

 A subprime mortgage is normally issued to borrowers with lower credit ratings. It typically carries a higher interest rate that can increase over time. 

Can I get Mortgage with a default registered on my Credit File?

Yes, getting a mortgage with a default is possible. However, this is subject to the individual's case.

When should I seek Mortgage Advice?

You can seek Mortgage Advice at any time if you are considering putting an offer in a property and want to check your affordability. If you are a First Time Buyer looking to understand how Mortgages work or if your Mortgage Product is ending. 

Can I Buy a Buy to Let property if I do not already own a property?

Yes, although this can be limited depending on the lenders criteria. If you are considering a buy a let mortgage, contact our advisor. 

Will Lenders check my Credit Report?

Yes, potential lenders may use your credit scores and credit history to help make lending decisions. These lenders want to know how likely you are to pay the money they lend back as agreed. Most Lenders will do a credit check to check how you have managed your money and see if you have any debts. To check your credit report, be sure to follow the link below to sign up to CheckMyFile.

Try it FREE for 30 days, then £14.99 a month & cancel online anytime.

CheckMyFile produces a detailed credit report that checks data from Equifax, Experian, TransUnion and Crediva. -

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