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Income Protection

Income Protection Insurance pays you a regular monthly income if you can't work because of sickness or disability and continues until you return to paid work or you retire. This protection allows you to keep paying your mortgage and other bills, giving you peace of mind that your household finances are taken care of while you focus on getting yourself back to good health.


Can I get Income Protection if I’m Self Employed?

Yes, Income Protection is important to those who are Self-employed as you don’t have any sick pay to cover your monthly outgoings.

Is it worth getting Income Protection if I’m Employed? 

Yes, I have found that many of my employed clients only receive a week or two of sick pay, but many illnesses will last beyond that. Income Protection allows you to defer the start date of your cover, meaning it doesn’t have to start until your employed sick pay benefit finishes. Having a deferred period can make the policy a little cheaper.

Income Protection Policies are designed around you, your needs, and your budget. Income Protection can be a little expensive but speaking with a qualified Mortgage & Protection Broker they can find ways to make the policy fit within your budget. For example, shorter term policy and deferred payment periods.

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