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Life Insurance

Life Insurance is there to support the people around you. It doesn’t benefit you, but it benefits the people that you would leave behind, such as your partner, children, and other family members. It’s there so if you die, they will receive a lump sum of money to support them through your loss of income and be able to keep their home.


Life Insurance is there to ease your loved ones worries on finances through a difficult time. 





Can People with pre-existing medical conditions get Life Insurance? 

If you’ve ever had any medical problems, we would take as many details as we can. There’s lots of different companies out there that will take your medical conditions and provide a bespoke policy. We encourage anybody to come to us with pre-existing medical conditions. 

How much does Life Insurance cost?

It’s very difficult to give a ballpark figure for life cover. Life cover itself is the cheapest kind of cover that you can get as you have less chance of claiming on it, unlike Income Protection, and Critical Illness, where you have a high chance of claiming. It depends on age, your health, whether you smoke, go scuba diving or mountain jumping, so it’s tailored to your lifestyle.

How long should people get Life Insurance for? 

The length of taking Life Insurance cover is completely up to you. We find that most of our clients take Life Insurance for the duration of their mortgage term. If you were looking to make sure that you could leave money for your children or loved ones you would look at longer term insurance, taking you into much older age. It depends on your circumstances and what you want that cover to do for you.

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