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Home & General Insurance

Home insurance provides financial protection in the event of something happening to your property and/or belongings. 

There are Two Home Insurances: Buildings Insurance and Contents Insurance - These can either be bought individually or together as a combined Home Insurance Package. You may find buying them together will save you money. 


Buildings Insurance

This covers you in the event of damage to the structure of your home, such as the walls, roof, and floors. If you own your own home, with or without a mortgage, this insurance should be a top priority and you find most Mortgage Lenders will not lend to you unless you take this policy out.

Contents Insurance

This covers you for loss or damage to personal possessions in the event of fire, theft, flooding, and similar incidents. It covers all your personal belongings – anything not physically attached to the building. This is an optional cover but worth taking out as the cost of money to replace the items may work out more expensive and some of the items may be essential to you. For example a laptop and mobile phone. 

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