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Does Christmas Feel Different This Year?

During the festive season we often get together with family and friends to celebrate Christmas with a shower of gifts, parties, and the over consumption of delicious foods.

However, it’s no secret how challenging this year has been for many people and businesses. Christmas is joyful time, but this year feels a little different, mainly as we are all worrying about the Energy and Cost of Living Crisis.

But, we must not let this affect our goals and opportunities going forward into the new year. Opportunities will always present themselves whether it be a new job, relationships or even purchasing a home. We believe that now is the time to start taking advantage of the mortgage market before things could potentially get worse before they get better.

One way to stay ahead of the curve is to ensure your mortgage is secure. As you don’t want any more financial surprises upon the mortgage expiry date. The best way to check for any surprises with your mortgage is to review it early. This gives you the best chance of securing yourself an interest rate that may be much less when it comes to switching.

Did you know if you switch before your mortgage end date, you have 6 months to change your mind? This is dependent on which lender you use, and this information will be given to you by myself, if you choose to do your mortgage through Manor Holmes.

Switching before your end date provides the security of knowing that you have a good deal ready to go should interest rates worsen or give you the opportunity to get a better rate should interest rates reduces. This gives you the ability to play the market to your advantage.

Manor Holmes has been working closely with our clients and helping reduce any financial stress and worries when it comes to securing their next mortgage deal. We ensure each of our clients have sufficient budget in place to cover any spikes in interest rates. The key to securing a cost-effective mortgage product is being prepared.

We always aim to provide the most suitable and cost-effective mortgage product for every single client of ours. However, each client has different circumstances which is why Manor Holmes can give you peace of mind that you will receive a suitable mortgage product.

Please speak to us today, if you have any worries or questions about your Mortgage as we are here to help you through this unprecedented period.

12th December 2022

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